Access BizSmart’s document collection and collaboration software

This is where our clients are able to access all their personal/company tax and accounting information.

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Share with confidence

Take control of who can access your files. Our simple user management tools make it easy to manage permissions for many users. We believe that visibility is key to access management, so we provide various views to investigate and manage access rights for users and folders.

Collaborate with clients

Collect documents with our smart collection tools. Jump straight into a call with a customer and walk them through the latest piece of work. Share your screen with a client and work together on a document in real time.

A Safe Place to Store Your Assets

Every part of our infrastructure has been crafted with security as a priority. Files are always transferred over a secure connection and are encrypted at rest. Our static file storage is hosted in Amazon S3 with industry leading redundancy and up time.

We Work Where You Work

We know that emails play a major part in your work, but the sending files back and forth can lead to costly mistakes or lost changes. U-Link allows you to send emails in and out of our system with just a few clicks. We integrate with other cloud providers like Dropbox so you can easily move files when needed.