As you know we are always trying to find ways to add value to your business. We are very excited to tell you that we have formed a relationship with SHEPSTONE & WYLIE attorneys in order to be able to offer our clients access to affordable standard legal contracts.

The available contracts are listed on our website. They belong to S&W. You choose the contract you think you need and let us know. We’ll source the contract from S&W, you fill in the blanks and included in the price you pay us for the contract is that S&W will check your completed contract once to see whether you have filled in the blanks correctly. When you buy a contract from us, it is really important that you know that that isn’t legal advice.

You are buying a product which you decide meets your needs. You also aren’t getting legal advice when S&W checks your completed contract. When you buy a contract from us, you agree that our liability and that of S&W in relation to that contract is limited to the price we or S&W receives for that contract.

S&W is a leading South African law firm. Established in 1892 the firm attracts some of the country’s finest legal minds specialising in Corporate & Commercial Law. The dynamic team of industry specialists is thoroughly conversant with the law and backed by vast experience and integrity. S&W is practical and solution driven.

Jennifer Finnigan is a commercial and competition law specialist and she is responsible for our range of standard contracts. 

She is experienced in negotiating and drafting a wide range of contracts including in the logistics, automotive and sugar industries. She also advises on all aspects of competition law including mergers (preparing and handling merger filings), prohibited practices and compliance issues.

We offer the following standard contracts for purchase which we’ve sourced from S&W:  

  1. CPA compliant Sales Standard Trading Terms
  2. Simple Shareholders’ Agreement
  3. Leases of residential and commercial property (for periods shorter than 5 years only)
  4. Sale of movables
  5. Sale of Shares agreement
  6. Services agreement
  7. Sale of Business agreement